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4 Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Whole house humidifiers can increase the moisture levels in the air within your home.  They prevent your air from becoming dry; thus preventing a number of health issues including asthma, dry skin, sore throats, and other discomforts.  If you would like to increase the comfort in your home to a whole new level, you are likely wondering where you should begin. Many people start by ensuring their heating and cooling system is working well, and they can get positive results by doing so. That is not the only step you should take when comfort is at the front of your mind. In addition to having an efficient heating and cooling system, consider the benefits of a whole-house humidifier:

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Improve Your Health
  • Prolong Wood-life & Safeguard belongings

Some people try using portable humidifiers and notice improvements to the quality of air in their home, but portable humidifiers can’t even come close to what you can expect from a whole-house humidifier installation service. You might think moving forward without looking at each option is fine if you already know what to expect, but you could overlook details that would otherwise impact your choice. Review this guide with an open mind if you would like to make the best purchase for you and your home.

How Whole-House Humidifiers Work

It’s time for us to explore some of the benefits we can get when using this type of humidifier in the home. You begin the process by requesting professional humidifier installation, and the experts will then take care of the rest.

They will come to your home and ask to access your HVAC unit for the first step, hooking the humidifier up to your ductwork. They will connect a water line to the humidifier and place the unit between your HVAC system and vents. Your HVAC system will condition the air before passing it into the humidifier, and it goes into your home from there.

Those who use portable humidifiers find that they have trouble keeping their air at the correct humidity level. They have to buy humidity detectors and turn their unit off and on throughout the day for the results they want. This can make the air too moist at times and even leave deposits of water on your furniture or belongings.  In contrast to portable room humidifiers, many whole home humidifiers come with settings that let you adjust the level of moisture you want in the air and then simply set the dial and forget about it. The humidifier will automatically maintain the optimal moisture levels you provide, and you will never have to think about adjusting the settings if you don’t want to do so.

Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

Saves you money in the long run

One of the benefits of a humidifier is saving money on your energy bill each month. During the cold months of winter, keeping your home warm and comfortable requires a lot of energy, and your bill can skyrocket before you know what happened. Some people don’t think they can do anything to reduce their power bills and simply live with the high ticket price while others will pull out every trick in the book including weatherproofing windows, adding insulation, closing off drafts, turning down the thermostat and other methods to try to curb the expense.  Unfortunately, you can take those steps and still not lower your bills or get the added warmth for which you had been hoping. One solution that many do not think of is employing humidity as a means of enhancing heat.   Read on to learn how you can use a home humidifier to enjoy even better results.

Moisturized air feels warmer than dry air.  Dry air is ready to accept water particles and can easily dry out anything it comes in contact with, including humans.  Our saliva, sweat and other means of cooling ourselves are easily evaporated into the dry air.  On the other hand, humid air does not easily accept water particles because it is already saturated with water molecules.  This can hinder the bodies ability to cool itself- not so fun in the hot humid summer months but when you want to be warm, in the winter, the humidity helps you retain that warmth.  Therefore, you can lower your thermostat and feel warmer, thus saving money.

Whole Home Humidifiers can take you far when your goal is to stay warm, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your thermostat. The difference you see in your power bill is impressive, proving you have made a smart decision. You might even find that your humidifier pays for itself over time with the money you save on your energy use. If you would like to see the savings for yourself, keep copies of your power bill each month before you get a house humidifier. Once you have it installed, look at the amount you save to see where you stand.

Saves you valuable time

A house humidifier is an even better investment if you value your time. To get the same results with portable humidifiers, you would have to use a different unit for each room in your home. You would also have to keep adding water every few hours so that your humidifiers will keep doing their job.

The several minutes you take out of each day for all the units you own add up over time, and you don’t want to fall into that trap. Rather than getting humidifiers that require constant attention, get professional humidifier installation services on which you can depend. Because a whole home humidifier connects to a water line, you will never have to refill the tank. You put your mind at ease and let your unit do the job so that you don’t have to do it.

Improves your overall health

People will often take a range of steps in an effort to protect and boost their health, and you likely have the same goal. Keeping health at its best is vital for anyone who values their well-being. A whole-home humidifier could be the perfect solution for you. The air gets dry during the winter and causes many people to get red and patchy skin that cracks, which is an uncomfortable situation.

In addition to causing dry and cracked skin, dry air also increases the odds of nasal congestion and getting sick. The symptoms of dry air combine and make it much harder for you to get and stay asleep at night. You don’t want to let these problems get out of hand because they can have a negative impact on your life. A house humidifier keeps your home at comfortable humidity levels no matter the day or time.

You will notice your skin is much more hydrated and healthy, and you are that much less likely to get nasal congestion. Having your body work at its best improves your immune system and reduces your odds of getting the flu or other common infections. Looking at the apparent health benefits of having adequate moisture in the air makes your choice simple.

Prolongs wood-life and safeguards your belongings

If you care about your belongings and don’t want them to fall apart, you have another reason to consider buying a house humidifier. While dry air can compromise your health, it can also affect the things you own. Dry air can dehydrate your wooden furniture and damage your paper, and you don’t want to face that issue if you can avoid it. Failing to address the issue gives dry air the chance to crack and split your wooden belongings before you have time to respond.

Protecting the things you own is easy when you keep the proper moisture levels in the air, and the results you achieve are sure to make you smile. The things you own and keep in your home will last for much longer if you pay attention to moisture levels in your environment. When you want your items to last for as long as possible, it might be time for whole-house humidifier installation.

Final Thoughts on Whole House Humidifiers

Saving money, boosting your health and protecting your furniture are the benefits you can expect when you get professional humidifier installation services. The team at LegendAir Heating & Cooling is proud to meet your needs and give you dependable results. Rather than taking our word for it, look at the many 5-star reviews we have on Google and across the web.

Our team cares about you and never cuts corners when it comes to delivering the best possible service. If you are ready to enjoy the rewards that only a high-quality team of HVAC experts can provide, contact LegendAir Heating and Cooling for your free quote today.


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