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Bucks County Heating System Maintenance

The skilled LegendAir service technicians proudly serve Bucks county.

Heating System Maintenance in Bucks County

Heating System Maintenance

The service technicians at LegendAir are experts at providing heating system maintenance to any home or business. Regular maintenance check-ups save you money on repairs and extend the life of your heating system. Our service technicians will ensure that all components of your heating system are operating at their max efficiency. Discover how much money you could potentially save on your energy bills after a routine maintenance visit from a highly-skilled LegendAir service professional.

Our HVAC professionals are proud to offer our communities in the Croydon area a low cost heating maintenance package. This annual tune-up package is designed to keep you warm and save you money! Check out the detailed offerings of our maintenance package below.

Heating System Maintenance Plan

Heating System Maintenance Plan

Check burners

Inspect the heat exchanger surface

Inspect flue pipe

Check filters

Lubricate pumps and fans

Check inducer and blower motors

Check electric connections

Check safety valve switch and controls

Inspect pilot assembly

Inspect for cracks and leaks

Check temperatures and pressures

Check thermostat

Drain line and trap

Measure the fuel combustion efficiency

Check carbon monoxide safety

Test & label of emergency shut-offs


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